TAU recognizes exceptional talent that deserves academic support


The extensive range of scholarships at Texila American University (TAU) not only rewards academic excellence but also enables students from many backgrounds to study at an international university, ensuring equity in education. A number of full and partial scholarships have been designed to benefit eligible students. The scholarship programmes are highly competitive and students are encouraged to apply on time to be included for review. Applicants and accepted students are invited to apply for available scholarships posted on our official website.

Please Note: Scholarship are available only to first-year and incoming students, and not for transfer students. Scholarships are limited to certain numbers in each category

Texila President Scholarship

Students who have performed exceptionally well in the CSEC examination, are eligible to apply for Texila American University’s Texila President Scholarship. It includes full-tuition fee for the university’s Pre-Med Program, which is part of TAU’s recognition of academic excellence.

Ministry of Public Services Scholarship

Texila American students are eligible to avail the Ministry of Public Services Scholarship. Interested students interested must submit the application directly to the Ministry along with an eligibility letter and a cover letter. Please contact our office of admission for more information on the procedure.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Texila American University College of Medicine (TAU COM) is a part of the Ontario Student Assistance Program list of schools. As a result, Canadian students can now access financial aid through the OSAP to study at TAU. Students can get several financial aids through the OSAP – loans, grants, and bursaries. Learn more by contacting our admissions office.

Unicomer Loan

Students of Texila American University’s BBA, MBA, and MPH programs can make use of educational loans from Unicomer Guyana Inc. to support themselves financially. This loan will be available only for Guyanese nationals. Please contact our admissions office for more information.

First Lady Scholarship

Students of business and medicine programs can make use of the scholarship offered by the office of the First Lady of Guyana. Only Guyanese nationals will be able to receive this scholarship. You will have to submit a 250-word cover letter along with financial proof to the Office of the First Lady of Guyana.

TAU – Demerara Bank Loan

Potential students of Texila American University (TAU) can make use of the bank loan offered by Demerara Bank Limited. Students will have to provide details regarding their enrollment and program information along with other application documents to request the loan. Students are requested to Contact the Demerara Bank or Texila admission office for more information and clarifications.

TAU – Guyana Scholarship

Under this programs TAUCOM offers up to 50% tuition scholarships to students from Guyana. Satisfactory academic progress is required to maintain continuous scholarship. Please contact the enrollment advisor for more information on the scholarship.

TAU – CARICOM Scholarship

Under this programs TAUCOM offers 10% to 20% tuition scholarships to students from the CARICOM region. Satisfactory academic progress is required to maintain continuous scholarship.

TAU – Global Citizen Grant

Limited scholarships are awarded to international students (Non-Caribbean and Guyanese), who have shown strong academic excellence. The grant covers 10% to 20% of the tuition of the MD program. These scholarships are generally limited in number and are giving on a first come first serve basis. Available number of scholarships are announced by the scholarship committee with specific requirements to qualify. Please contact the Enrollment Adviser for more information on the scholarships

NOTE: Students who are already a part of ONE scholarship programme will not be eligible for another. The number of scholarships is limited and served on first come first served basis. The admissions committee is the final authority on award of scholarships.