Seeking a transfer? Texila provides opportunity to continue your program. Check the university transfer process!

University Transfer Procedure for Transfer Applicants

University transfer Procedure : If you’ve studied a program at another approved university or college and now looking to transfer your credits earned to the Texila American University (TAU), we welcome you to apply as a transfer student applicant. Prospective transfer students must demonstrate commitment, maturity and willingness to work in the environment around them. The documents of prior education qualification(s) are forwarded to the Assistant Dean who evaluates the credits scored by the students in consultation with the admissions committee.

Texila American University provides an opportunity to continue your medical Education in Guyana in a better way


Individuals who have attended an approved medical school can apply to Texila American University and will be considered for admission after completing the application and submitting all documents required. Acceptance is contingent upon review of the aforementioned. Please contact the Admissions Office before submitting an application for transfer if you have specific questions.

University transfer process is simple at TAU, the transfer students must submit all documentation required and must be in good standing at their previous school.

A transfer student is accepted solely at the discretion of Texila American University based on their prior course work. The certified credits obtained from another institution can be recognized in one of two ways:

  • Exemption from individual modules within or from the whole or part of a program
  • Transfer of credit and marks in substitution for modules within a program

How to Apply

University transfer Procedure at TAU, the transfer student is required to fill out the application form online
On activating their login details and getting registered, they will be contacted to provide certain supporting documents
On clearing this,and proving their eligibility, they can be enrolled into their respective programs
We happily welcome all the college transfer students to apply to TAU.

* Note: Students will not be accepted into Semester 5 Directly.